Physicians' Diagnostic Services Center (PDSC), Inc.

The Physicians' Diagnostic Services Center (PDSC), Inc. began in 1978 as a modest medical facility crammed in a 32 square meter office at the Prudential Assurance Building in Intramuros. PDSC specialized in occupational medicine. With company retainerships, the clinic rendered pre-employment medical examinations for businesses such as the Central Textile Mills and for employees of the North and South Harbors.

Our Services

  • Medical Examinations

    Medical Examinations

    One-stop medical and dental facility that offers services for everyone.

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  • Laboratory Examinations

    Laboratory Examinations

    Most modern medical laboratory equipments for various tests.

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  • Vaccination


    Our immunization services are fast and reliable.

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  • Radiologic Examinations

    Radiologic Examinations

    Most modern machines for the different X-ray examinations that we offer.

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  • Special Procedures

    Special Procedures

    Special procedures that are available to everyone at very affordable prices.

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